About Malazoo Trade

Market Inside Limited has one of the largest online searchable databases of importing and exporting countries. Our company has positioned itself to respond positively to any demand in the market based on our ability to call upon our network of worldwide contact to provide goods and services.

What is Export Portal?

Export Portal is a B2B e-commerce platform aiming to be a comprehensive international trade hub for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and their counterparts. Through our free b2b marketplace, businesses can find new markets for their products and services, and expand their reach to a global audience. Our exclusive benefits include a variety of features and tools to help businesses succeed in international trade.

It is an online platform that provides a single point of access to international markets for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) helping them enter or expand their operations with overseas partners. Thus, our members can confidently trade, network, and communicate with other verified companies and experts from all over the world.

Empowered by our proprietary blockchain technology, Export Portal prioritizes security, transparency, cost-effectiveness, and ease-of-use. With our top B2B marketplace, SMEs have an exponential growth opportunity – not just geographically, but within their verticals as well.

Go Global with Our B2B Trade Platform!

We have many benefits and exclusive features to offer our users. Learn more about why Export Portal is the international B2B trade platform for you!

Total Security

Maintaining the security of our platform is our highest priority. We first scrutinize every company seeking access to our B2B marketplace, making sure their company is legitimate and up-to-date.

Strong Protection

Our blockchain technology is truly game-changing – never before could trade stakeholders communicate and share sensitive data so quickly and securely in a wholesale marketplace.

Professional Expertise

EP+, or Export Portal’s Expert Panel, is a collaborative effort between leading B2B industry experts and the Export Portal team to provide our users with the best information they need to excel in their global expansion.

24/7 Quality Service

Our suite of services is completely comprehensive. From an introduction to order completion, our users have the complete end-to-end support necessary for a trade transaction.

Happy Client

We are very pleased with the expertise that Export Solutions has provided AIM Sports the past few quarters. Our Trade Compliance Specialist, Denise Shirey, has truly been an asset to our International team. Denise’s professionalism and knowledge (SME) added tremendous value as she helped us to better understand and navigate through ITAR and EAR as well as assist us to establish processes (SOPs) along with exporting best practices. Thank you and we appreciate the partnership!

I have been very pleased with Export Solutions. Jim consistently and effectively addresses questions/issues in a timely manner, which is much appreciated since many of AeroTEC’s issues arise early evening PST. I’ve been impressed that Jim and Export Solutions specifically take our company and industry into account when providing advice as well, instead of blanket responses. This is surprisingly difficult to find in regulatory fields.

In the last few years, our military sales have rapidly grown, and we have realized we lack good knowledge and experience in complicated export license regulations and requirements. Therefore, we decided to engage a consultant company in this area to give us advice and guide us, and we chose Export Solutions. We are glad we did this, as Jim McShane of your firm has been extremely helpful to us in answering our many questions.