Quality products. Unbeatable prices


At every stage, we set high quality standards and pursue continuous improvements to deliver nothing but the best.

Our Brand Promise

To provide innovative and diverse range of quality products at the best price.


We uphold our reputation by placing a firm emphasis on acting with integrity and honesty when interacting.

24/7 Quality Service

We are available 24/7 to solve any questions or any problems you may have.


Sales Distribution

Focus on business rather than spending time prospecting customer sales.

New Market Potential

Enlarge the total number of potential buyers for your product.

Diverse Product Lines

You can diversify by increasing either product line breadth or product line depth.

Social Media Activity

Show your business and engage with customers on a more personal level.

Global Customer Base

Bid openly on any lead and increase your import and export profits.

Direct Communication

Contact your buyers & sellers directly to make the process smoother and faster.

Expand your Market and Increase Sales

Legal sellers

You will be dealing with only legal businesses, because only registered companies can become sellers on Export Portal. We require a government issued copy of business license to pass the registration process on our site.

Secure trade

Import products on the most reliable and secured online portal. With our trustworthy and secured trading system, you will feel confident that all transactions are protected.

Easy and safe deals

We established a fair trade process that includes safeguards for all the parties involved. Buyers and sellers will have an easier transaction process.

Guidance with documents

Once agreements for purchase and sale are completed, Export Portal will help with all the paperwork that will guarantee the safe transfer of products.